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3 Ways to Practice Daily Mindfulness

The holiday season is a stressful time for everyone—there are presents to wrap, family members to visit, and tons of stressful things to get done. Oh, and everyone is running around frantically! It can be a struggle to stay calm during such a stressful time, but practicing daily mindfulness can help. Here are three easy ways to practice daily mindfulness.

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This new year, resolve to make some time to sit in stillness.

Find Stillness

Before you can find stillness within yourself, take some time to rediscover your physical body. Yoga can be an essential tool for practicing daily mindfulness, as it allows you to get in touch with your inner self through motion. Try holding your yoga poses longer than you typically do and paying extra attention to your breathing. Yoga is a great way to squeeze in your daily exercise while also practicing mindfulness strategies. You can also take a walk outside while focusing on the beauty and quiet of everything around you. Nature can be a powerful mindfulness tool.

Talk Less, Listen More

Mindfulness can also be practiced in our daily relationships by truly listening to those that we speak with. Practice turning off your phone (or just putting it on silent), closing the laptop, and turning off the television when you talk with your loved ones this holiday season. Instead of immediately jumping in with your thoughts or advice, allow them to fully speak. It can be tough to practice mindfulness in our relationships in the instant digital age, but it’s critical to maintaining healthy relationships.

Take a Deep Breath

This can be the most difficult thing to do during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, but slowing down is a great way to practice daily mindfulness. Enjoy every little step of your day, whether it is making your morning cup of coffee, to preparing your breakfast, to picking out clothes and getting dressed for the day. By slowing down in everyday moments, you can enjoy them much more and release yourself from some of the stress of the holidays.

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