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4 Ways to Support a Grieving Loved One

4 Ways to Support a Grieving Loved One

Losing someone you care for is extremely hard. It can feel like your whole world has just come crashing down.

Losing someone you care for is extremely hard. It can feel like your whole world has just come crashing down. It is difficult to watch a loved one go through that. So how do you help your loved one who is grieving?

Let them Know You’re There for Them

Acknowledge the fact that you know someone has died. Whether it’s in person or in writing, let your loved one know that you know they’re in pain and that you are there for them, whatever they may need.

Just Listen

Don’t talk too much. Ask open-ended questions about the deceased and let your loved one talk. Listen intently, so they know you’re actually interested and that you genuinely care. If the death was sudden, or due to something unexpected, your loved one will probably need to talk about that too. Make sure they know that you’re willing to listen to all of it, even if it’s unpleasant or disturbing. Also, make sure they know it’s okay to cry. Sometimes people who lose a loved one think they need to stay strong for those around them, but you should help them understand that it really is okay to cry if they need to.

Measure your Words Carefully

You should be listening more than you talk, and when you do talk you should make sure you think carefully before you speak. Think about what you would need to hear if you were in that situation. Be careful offering optimism right away. Your grieving loved one may not yet be in a place where they are ready to hear that. Avoid saying things that start with “at least” or “you can always”. While you surely have good intentions for saying these things, these types of statements tend to minimize the gravity of the loss.

Offer Help

While it is very important to offer help to your grieving loved one, it is also important to be very specific when you offer. It may sound good to you to say “Call me if you need anything”, this would require someone who is in a lot of pain to take initiative to reach out. Instead, figure out what your loved one needs and offer to do those specific things.

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