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5 Common Misconceptions About Deaf People

deaf people

The top deaf myths, busted!

There are a variety of myths that people have regarding the deaf. It’s important that we start to debunk these myths and learn to treat the deaf with the respect that they deserve.

All Deaf People Can Read Lips And Will Be Able To Understand You

Turns out, deaf people are not lip readers. In fact, lip reading is a very ineffective way of communicating. Furthermore, most people who are attempting to read lips are not fully understanding what is attempting to be communicated.

Deafness Is Genetic

Although there are types of deafness that are genetic, not every single instance of deafness is related to genetics. In fact, there is no proven scientific study that establishes that all deaf people have genetic features that cause them to become deaf.

Sign Language Is Bad For The Deaf

There is a common impression that sign language is a poor way for deaf people to learn to communicate. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, sign language has been known to help deaf people communicate. For instance, many deaf adults have learned how to move around their daily lives with others being able to communicate or at least be able to understand them.

Sign Language Is The Same Worldwide

Turns out, sign language is not the same around the globe. In fact, American Sign Language is used in the United States, however other countries have variations of their own sign language. Although it is easier for deaf people to communicate with others who share that same trait, just because they are deaf, if they know different sign languages they may still have a bit of difficulty communicating with one another.

The Deaf Are Unable To Drive A Car

Deaf people are actually fully capable of driving cars. Turns out, deaf people drive cars all the time. In fact, there are studies that have shown that many deaf people are better drivers than most hearing able people. Furthermore, many deaf people have a heightened level in of peripheral vision making them great drivers on the streets.

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