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5 Tips for Parents with Children Who Stutter


As a parent of a child with a stutter, there is a lot to know about communication with your child.

As a parent of a child with a stutter, there is a lot to know about communication with your child. Something that seems effortless with other people in your life requires special attention and patience with your child. You always want to be the best parent that you can be, and these simple tips will help you to communicate easily and effectively with people who stutter, especially your own child.

Slow It Down

When speaking with your child, it is important to be very deliberate with your own speech. Remember to pause every so often when speaking to let the pace slow naturally. Allow for a few seconds to pass in between the time your child finishes speaking and you start to speak. Talking to your child in a hurried, rushed manner will not help them feel confident in the conversation. When you speak slowly, thoughtfully, and deliberately, it will show your stuttering child that it’s okay to take his or her time in a conversation. Your stuttering child will ultimately mirror your actions, and you want to constantly remind them to take it slow and relax when speaking.

Give Your Full Attention

As you should when speaking with any child, stuttering or not, you need to be giving that child your full attention. Especially when speaking to a child with a stutter, it is imperative that they know that you are fully listening to them. Offer kindness and patience when listening to what they are saying. Your child will feel more confident when they know you are totally engaged in what they are saying to you.

Space Out Questions

As a parent, you always have many questions to ask your child. No matter how old your child is, you are constantly curious about their schooling, friends, opinions, etc. There’s so much to know about this person discovering new things every single day! But when speaking with your stuttering child, remember not to ask many questions one after the other. Before asking your next question, allow for some time to comment on what he or she just said. A string of questions all in a row can be confusing and frustrating. Taking turns is a wonderful way to keep the conversation from getting too one-sided.

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