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Am I Too Anxious? 3 Common Signs of General Anxiety Disorder

anxiety disorder

If you find that your worrying gets in the way of your daily life, it is time to start looking for other symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

Everyone suffers from anxiety at certain points in his or her life. Stage fright is a common reason people feel extreme anxiety. Financial strain can cause general anxiety and mental stress. But what if your anxiety seems constant and completely overwhelming? It's normal to be anxious from time to time, but if you find that your worrying gets in the way of your daily life, it is time to start looking for some other symptoms of anxiety.

Irrational Fears

Irrational fears are a large part of anxiety. Perhaps you suddenly find yourself taking the long way home because you’re nervous on the highway. Or maybe you can’t manage to get yourself into an elevator anymore even when going to a very high floor. You may be extremely aware of it, but these fears are irrational. What the most frustrating thing is about irrational fears is your awareness of how irrational they really are. But that realization does not help you relax. This is when talking to a mental health professional becomes necessary. Don’t let your life be ruled by your fears.

Lack of Sleep

At some point, everyone experiences trouble with falling or staying asleep for one reason or another. Restlessness is a familiar problem, but it is much worse for people suffering from anxiety. Relaxation of your mind and body is necessary for a good night’s sleep. If negative thoughts are racing through your mind, not allowing you to calm down and rest, you should consider seeking help from a therapist right away. Poor sleep habits can lead to much worse problems with your health, work performance, and personal relationships.

Chronic Indigestion

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is another common symptom of anxiety. While IBS is not always specifically linked to general anxiety disorder, it is very possible that anxiety manifests in more than just your brain. Since the digestive system is so closely connected to the mind, it makes sense that any psychological stress can also cause stress in your gut. This is yet another way that an anxiety disorder can impede your everyday life. If you cannot relax at work or school because you are in constant digestive discomfort, talk to your therapist at your next appointment so that you can start living an anxiety-free life.

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