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Archive: October, 2016

The Types of Job Shadowing

Job shadowing helps individuals with developmental disabilities gain experience and confidence in their abilities. Job shadowing is a great way for people with developmental disabilities to find their purpose in life. This special work experien[...]

October is Sensory Processing Awareness Month!

People of all ages can have problems dealing with sensory processing disorder. But with the right help and coping methods, you may be able to overcome them. Did you know that October is National Sensory Processing Awareness Month? For the entir[...]

All About Weighted Blankets

While everyone loves a blanket to snuggle up in, a weighted blanket may have some positive effects on your loved ones with all types of disabilities. A weighted blanket is the newest accessories for children and adults with developmental disabi[...]

Second Annual Employment Awards

David Broggin, a client of FSF and Nelson Tarr, with the Maryland School for the Deaf, receive awards from Andy Kolp, Chairperson of the PG County Providers Council at its Second Annual Employment Awards Breakfast.  The Maryland School for the D[...]

What are Anxiety Disorders?

While anxiety is a part of life, anxiety disorders can be crippling if not dealt with properly. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress and can be beneficial in many different situations. From alerts you to possible danger to helping you focus o[...]

Family Counseling and Divorce: How It Can Help Your Children

Let us help your children through your divorce. Divorces can be a stressful time for the entire family, but can be especially tough on children. This time can cause feelings of loss, sadness, depression, confusion, and even anger. While young c[...]