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Archive: December, 2016

3 Ways to Practice Daily Mindfulness

The holiday season is a stressful time for everyone—there are presents to wrap, family members to visit, and tons of stressful things to get done. Oh, and everyone is running around frantically! It can be a struggle to stay calm during such a st[...]

How Can Grief Therapy Help You?

Therapy is a great way to cope with grief. When you lose someone important to you, moving on can seem just about impossible. It can be especially difficult during the holiday season, as you prepare to go through holidays without someone that yo[...]

Hearing Loss Can Affect the Whole Family

Dealing with hearing loss in a family member will require some treatment as well as adaptation and understanding. When someone in a family becomes ill or develops a physical or mental condition of some kind, they are not the only ones affected.[...]

Spread the Cheer and Volunteer this Holiday Season

How can you spread the joy of the holiday season? By volunteering! The rapid pace of modern life can make finding the time to volunteer seem impossible. However, volunteering offers numerous benefits for you, your family, and your community. I[...]