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Benefits of a Medical Interpreter

Medical interpreters

Your medical interpreter will be able to communicate your needs to your medical staff.

Going to the doctor is a stressful appointment for anyone but it can be even more stressful when a person is faced with the challenge of being deaf. Whether a first doctor’s appointment or a visit with a specialist, medical interpreters help deaf/hard of hearing patients understand the doctor clearly.  Here are some reasons a medical interpreter is important!


Qualified medical interpreters are both proficient in American Sign Language (ASL) and English from both a linguistic and a cultural standpoint. These professionals will be able to make accommodations for patients who are not completely fluent in ASL or English, such as individuals with developmental disabilities. When a person’s health is on the line, it is important to have clear and concise communication between the medical staff and the patient.

Medical Terminology

The healthcare industry is a culture with its own language and lingo. This culture and language can be interpreted by a qualified medical interpreter who is familiar with the terms and are able to communicate them to the patient.

Familiarity with Technology and Procedures

Like most interpreters, medical interpreters have to be flexible in their environment. Medical interpreters must adapt to their environment as well as the procedures. This might mean interpreting during eye exams, MRIs, or other procedures that limit visibility. Since a medical interpreter would know what is going to happen during a procedure, they would know where is the best place for them to stand and how to avoid disrupting the medical professionals in the room.


While most people are afraid to contradict a medical professional, a medical interpreter can be a patient’s medical advocate. They can help nurses and doctors understand the little things like not using restraints on someone who communicated with ASL. Medical interpreters will be able to provide support and explain things as needed to the medical staff. These specialty interpreters are also familiar with laws and healthcare mandates to help you have a better experience. Hiring a medical interpreter can help bridge the gap between the medical profession and their patient. For more information on our sign language interpreters, call Family Service Foundation today!

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