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Benefits Of Therapy Dogs

therapy dogs

Therapy dogs are the best!

It’s safe to say we as humans love some cuddles from animals like cats and dogs. Pet owners can attest to the mood boosting and stress relieving benefits of animals. These days, therapy dogs seem to be more common than before. Studies have proven that in fact, dogs provide mental health and physical benefits to people who spend time with them. Therapy pets are different than service animals. Animals that are service animals are trained to perform specific tasks. However, therapy animals range from the live-in pets to trained volunteer animals.

Physical Benefits

Not only are therapy dogs essential for improving the mental health of humans, there are physical benefits that come from having a therapy dog as well. Benefits can range from lowering blood pressure to improving cardiovascular health. Studies have found that the very act of petting an animal, such as a therapy dog, yields a relaxation response that can help alleviate the need for medication in those who require it for their physical ailments.

Mental Health Benefits

Animal therapy is becoming the main way for people to handle their mental health problems, in conjunction with other therapies as well. Bringing a dog into a therapy session is a great way for therapists to improve their patient’s social, emotional, and mental functioning. From helping to lift patients’ spirits to lowering feelings of isolation, mental health professionals can incorporate therapy dogs for the betterment of all their patients. Many colleges are using therapy dogs to help students relax and de-stress during final exams. Hospitals are beginning to use therapy dogs to assist in bringing some joy to patients who are stuck there over a long period of time. After a massive disaster, there are some organizations that work towards bringing in therapy dogs to help with the recovery process. These therapy dogs are able to assist the people who suffered this disaster recover from physical ailments and any emotional trauma suffered.  

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