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The Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Children with Autism

The Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Children with Autism

If your child or another loved one has autism, then you know how challenging it can be to care for them.

If your child or another loved one has autism, then you know how challenging it can be to care for them. Fortunately, using a weighted blanket can help in several ways. No matter how old the user is, such a blanket can still help them. The weight of the blanket relative to the weight of the user matters too – the heavier the user is, the heavier the blanket should be.

What Does a Weighted Blanket Do?

Essentially, a weighted blanket is exactly what the name implies. It is a blanket designed to have some extra weight on it. It is important to note that there are several differences between the weighted blankets on the market. One variation is in the weight of the actual blanket. For instance, you might want a weighted blanket for yourself, perhaps to test out its beneficial effects. In that case, you should choose a blanket that is approximately 10% of your body weight, with another additional pound or two accounted for. If you’re looking for a weighted blanket for your child instead, they would they need a different blanket: if they are 50 pounds, then a 7-pound blanket is ideal. The other main difference is the material used to provide the weight in the weighted blankets. Most of the time, you can expect beads, poly-pellets, or glass beads to be inside a weighted blanket. The fabric used in the blanket can also account for some variations.

How Weighted Blankets Help

  • Ensures better sleep: Weighted blankets can help ensure children with autism sleep better. Children that have autism are prone to problems sleeping, so a weighted blanket can make a definite difference, especially by reducing anxiety and giving them the touch sensation that can help them feel better.
  • Decreases transition time: Children with autism also have difficulty transitioning from one activity to the next. These blankets can help them focus after something excites them. You can also use it to help your child when they have just come home from school, after playtime outside, or when it’s time for a car ride.
  • Helps with sensory issues: If your child also has sensory processing disorder, the weight and material of the blanket can help them cope.
  • Helps in the classroom: Better sleep and focus will help your child behave better in the classroom, and do better in school as well. Using a weighted blanket can help reduce fidgeting and help your child concentrate.

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