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How Can You Benefit from Anger Management Counseling?

anger management

If you feel yourself becoming in a fit of rage, it could be time to seek some help with anger management counseling.

Joy, sadness, disgust, fear, and anger are the five basic emotions everyone feels. But depending on how you manage and express your anger, this base emotion could have positive or negative effects on you and everyone around you. Some positive effects of anger can be motivation to work on our problems and to help satisfy some of your needs that are often ignored. But some negative consequences can occur when your anger is not managed or expressed appropriately. Let’s take a look at some signs you may benefit from anger management counseling and what you could take away from a few sessions with Family Service Foundation.

Signs You May Benefit from Anger Management

While not everyone experiences these symptoms, there are many different signs you may benefit from anger management counseling. If you find yourself yelling, cursing, threatening others, pushing/shoving, hitting, have crying spells, feeling overly hostile, resentful, anxious, numb, depressed, or full of rage, you may benefit from anger management counseling. You may also experience low self-esteem or low self-worth, alcoholism, or drug abuse. These are all symptoms many people with intense anger deal with. But with anger management counseling, you will be able to control these feelings and actions.

Benefits of Anger Management Counseling

One of the main skills taught at anger management counseling sessions is to identify situations that are likely to make you upset. We cannot control every situation we are in, but there are some things you can do to respond in a nonaggressive way before you get angry. You will also learn specific skills to use in situations that are likely to trigger your anger. Many people become angry when they feel like they are not being heard. But with anger management counseling, you will be able to express your feelings and needs assertively without being aggressive toward others. These sessions will also teach you how to calm down when you are feeling upset and help you focus on the problem at hand. Anger management counseling can help you learn to recognize situations that could make you upset and help correct your responses to these situations. For more information on finding anger management counseling for you or your loved one, call Family Service Foundation today.

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