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How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help Those With Social Anxiety Disorder


Coping with social anxiety disorder is easier with CBT.

Social anxiety disorder is often treated with antidepressants, but could there be a more holistic way to treat social anxiety disorder? Fortunately, a study has found that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is possibly more effective than medication in treating social anxiety disorder.

What Is Social Anxiety Disorder

Affecting one in eight people, social anxiety disorder is not just being a shy person. The condition will typically hit people during some of their most critical life moments, leading to a momentous decline in their overall quality of life. Those coping with the disorder can sense a severe impairment of their friendships, and relationships, and not know how to change. Typically described as a severe fear of being judged by others, social anxiety disorder can wreak havoc on those who suffer from it. These individuals typically have the ability to understand and locate the fear they fear, however they remain powerless to the accompanying anxiety.

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The cognitive part of the therapy refers to the thinking process and the learning process. It’s part of the therapy that can essentially be “taught” to the individual. This individual then needs to be able to take what they learned and then go out and apply it to their own lives. The individual must be able to repeat this learned behavior until it is no longer a conscious effort but is an automatic response to a certain situation.

Best Treatment For Social Anxiety Disorder

According to the study, psychological therapies were found to be the best in helping people with social anxiety disorder. However, therapists should be able to use specific skills to allow the individual to spot their own negative thought patterns, and then be able to turn that negative thinking around automatically. The more the individual is able to practice course-correcting their thoughts, the sooner the behavior will become automatic. Although automatic positive thinking is a major factor in CBT, there is more to this type of therapy. There are many ways to at least lessen an individual’s anxiety. By using these various methods and allowing individuals to practice a variety of methods, it gives the individual suffering with anxiety a small feeling of being in control of their anxiety. By doing so, the individual gains more control over their emotions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Through the Family Service Foundation, Inc.

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