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Common Causes Of Anger And Healthy Ways To Manage It


Getting a handle on your anger is easier than you think.

Anger is a normal human emotion that we all endure sometimes. However, some of us handle anger in destructive ways. In fact, understanding healthy ways to manage your anger when things become overwhelming can help you alleviate some very negative consequences.

The Most Common Causes Of Your Anger

Anger is typically caused by frustration, hurt, annoyance, or a combination of all three. In fact, your body is deeply affected when you are angry. Although your blood doesn’t physically boil, anger manifests itself in a variety of ways within your body that can lead to some severe health consequences.

Don’t Avoid Your Feelings

One of the worst things you can do is avoid feeling your emotions fully. Whether good or bad, emotions are always necessary to be felt so you can avoid putting your health at risk. In fact, by suppressing feeling anger you can raise your blood pressure, cause anxiety, and can become depressed. Therefore, it is alway best to fully feel your emotions, even anger. However, understanding the best ways to cope with such uncomfortable feelings can be difficult for many people who may not be used to feeling unwanted emotions. As a result, there are a few key ways you can start to take healthy steps towards embracing all of your emotions in a healthy manner.

Locate The Cause Of Your Anger

The best way to handle anger is to find the source of it. It could be an argument you had with a loved one or the frustration you felt from your commute from work. Whatever the source of the anger is, find it, and acknowledge it.

Enjoy A Laugh

A great way to deal with anger is to laugh. Laughter really is the best medicine. In fact, using humor is a great way to see the situation from a new perspective. Therefore, next time you are in a frustrating argument with a loved one. Take a step back and laugh at the whole thing.

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