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Considering Couples Counselling? Know When to Seek Help.

All around us are opinions on how the perfect marriage should be. Media helps spread these ideals, causing partners to question whether or not their marriage fits the bill. Having certain expectations for a marriage before understanding how they work can cause frustrations for partners. Many times, couples counselling can help with these frustrations. Keep reading to learn more about common situations which can benefit from couples counselling.couples-counselling-maryland

If you and your partner aren’t talking

If your relationship has reached the point where neither of you feel comfortable talking to each other any longer, couples counselling can help. A professional will know how to interact with both partners in a way that makes them feel safe and confident in communication. Although lack of communication in a relationship is stressful, it’s not the end and can be remedied with help.

If you feel like enemies

When you can’t come to agreement on most things, and feel as though your partner is working against you, it’s time to enlist the help of couples counselling. You and your partner should be a team, and finding ways to work together is important for the health of your marriage.

If there are secrets

By secrets, we don’t mean surprise birthday parties. If you or your partner are hiding things from each other, especially finances and relationships or affairs, it can really damage a relationship. Couples counselling can help these situations by bringing these issues to light and working through them.

If you just feel like “roommates”

While there is nothing wrong with co-existing, if that’s all you feel you and your partner have in common anymore, this may be a sign for help. If there’s lack of intimacy and communication, or you find yourselves spending little if any time together, this can be remedied with the assistance of couples counselling. This way, you can get to the bottom of why you both have become distant, and work towards creating a stronger connection.

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