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Why The Deaf Are More Prone To Suffer From Mental Health Issues


Everyone can suffer from a mental health issues.

Having language and communication barriers are bound to cause anxiety. Think about not being able to hear the person on the other end of the phone clearly, static obstructing your hearing; rage and anger may fill your mind. Similarly, the deaf suffer this experience daily. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, there are 40 million Americans suffering from anxiety. Within the deaf population, the number is higher, due the abundance of language barriers between the deaf and the hearing population. Those who are hearing impaired cannot follow verbal communications quickly, depending on lip reading in an attempt to keep up with a conversation. According to the British Department of Health, hearing impaired children and young adults are almost two times more likely to experience mental health problems than their hearing contemporaries.

Anxiety Triggers

Walking into an unknown place can create anxiety in a deaf person. This involves walking into a new environment and struggling to hear those around them. Most children and young adults face the stress and awkwardness of being self-aware of their faults. Deaf children manifest this in many ways; one in particular is their shame around their visible hearing aid.

Translating Anxiety

There is hope for the deaf children and young adults who find themselves battling mental health issues as a direct result of their deafness. The United Kingdom recently conducted a study that attempted to translate anxiety into sign language to help those suffering express themselves the only way they can. Similar studies in the United States have also proven effective in communicating anxiety among the deaf so that therapists can help them with their mental health issues. As this trend hopefully continues, there seems to be a positive impact for those who are deaf and struggling with a mental health issue to find the help that they need to get better.

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