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Everything You Wanted To Know About Family Therapy

family therapy

Going to family therapy can greatly improve your relationships!

Family therapy is centered around systems thinking, or the idea that every member of the family contributes to the dynamic of the entire family. Family therapy examines behavior as being informed by and inseparable from the way that the family functions. Are you curious about family therapy and whether or not it could help out your family? Here’s what you need to know.

Family Systems Therapy 101

Family systems therapy is based on a theory developed by Murray Brown that believes each individual is inseparable from the network of relationships surrounding them. Since being introduced in the 1960s, family systems therapy has been used to treat and help thousands of families throughout the country. Instead of focusing only on the individual within the family, family therapy looks at the broader view of the family to help each relationship.

How Does Family Systems Therapy Work?

Family therapy can work in a variety of ways to meet the needs of your family. Some of the most common approaches to family therapy include:

  • Structural family therapy: This type of family therapy examines the relationships, behaviors, and patterns within each therapy session to see what the family structure is. Structural family therapy will also look at smaller systems within the family, like sibling systems or parental systems.
  • Strategic family therapy: This type of family therapy looks at the processes and functions within the family, like communication patterns or how the family works to solve a problem. This type of family therapy typically involves reframing or redefining problems and paradoxical interventions. Like the name implies, this type of family therapy holds that change can occur rapidly with the right strategy.
  • Intergenerational family therapy: This form of family therapy looks at generational differences in how each member of the family interacts with each other. Intergenerational family examines the ways in which anxiety or depression can be passed down through generations as a way to improve the whole family.

Family Therapy: What’s A Genogram?

The genogram is a crucial part of family therapy. A genogram is a picture that represents the medical history and relationships between your family members. Genograms are used to help determine the treatment that is appropriate for each member of the family to improve the family as a whole. This is an especially useful tool if any family members are dealing with moderate or severe psychological issues.

Therapy Through The Family Service Foundation, Inc.

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