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Family Counseling and Divorce: How It Can Help Your Children

family counseling and divorce

Let us help your children through your divorce.

Divorces can be a stressful time for the entire family, but can be especially tough on children. This time can cause feelings of loss, sadness, depression, confusion, and even anger. While young children often lack words to express these feelings, older children may be more vocal about their feelings. But no matter the age, children everywhere may feel like the divorce is their fault. During this time, it is important for parents to not only speak with the children themselves, but to also offer them additional support by seeking professional help. A family counselor may be able to help your child. So how can you and a family counselor help your child through a divorce? Read on to find out.

Take Care of Your Child’s Needs

Even though you are busy with your own stuff, it is important for you to make sure your children are taken care of. Children depend on you and they need to know you are still capable of taking care of the family’s needs and decisions. It is important not to change their routine too much in order to keep their stability. It is important for children to know that regardless of which parent is taking care of them, they will always have clean clothes, something to eat, and a bed time they can depend on.

Reassuring Your Children

When things change, it is always to reassure your children that things will be alright. Take the time to listen to their concerns and try to understand their point of view. It is also extremely important to assure them that it is not their fault and that it is alright to be upset.

Try Family Counseling

While you may be reassuring your children that everything is alright, it may be helpful for your children to visit a family counselor. Family counseling is often an outlet for children who are experiencing problems and are unable to talk about them with their parents. This counseling can help settle your child’s fears and help reassure them that this divorce is not their own fault. A family counselor will also help you figure out what you child is feeling and how you can help address these problems on your own. Divorce can be extremely difficult and stressful for children. But with family counseling, your children will be able to deal with their feelings. For more information on our counseling services, call Family Service Foundation today!

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