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Finding Meaning at Family Service Foundation

Meaningful-JobsForbes magazine that discussed the top ten most meaningful jobs. These jobs were ranked based on how those who held those jobs felt their jobs made a difference, without income being a factor. Most of the jobs that made the top ten were those that don’t have the highest income level but represents work that brings about change in the world. Clearly half of the job functions that made the top ten can be found right here at Family Service Foundation. The job titles from the Forbes list are as follows:

  1. Applied Behavior Analysis Therapist- Individuals with this job title work with patients to overcome a variety of social and mental issues. They study how the environment that surrounds these individuals affects their behavior and how to use positive reinforcement can help these individuals make positive decisions.
  2. Assisted Living Administrator – Assisted living administrators are responsible of overseeing the day-to-day operations of facilities such as senior living communities, congregate housing, or special care programs.
  3. Social Worker/Supervisor- Social workers aim to assist individuals with a number of different problems that occur in their everyday lives. The goal is to provide a service that betters the overall life and well-being of the individuals or families being helped. Supervisors simply take on a larger leadership role in the field of social work.
  4. Director of a Nonprofit- While this job title tends to come with a bit more responsibility than the others listed, it still has a meaningful purpose. A director has the responsibility of managing the entire organization as well as attempting to expand the reach and services the nonprofit is trying to provide. The director interacts with a number of different groups to ensure the nonprofit runs smoothly and is successful with its efforts.
  5. Sign Language Interpreter- Interpreters are an essential component to a hearing impaired individual. In order to function easily within social situations, interpreters are needed to bridge the communication gap. Those with hearing disabilities deserve the right to have interpreters available to them to help them communicate effectively.

  Family Service Foundation, Inc. has been serving the greater Maryland area since 1936. This nonprofit organization is here to help Maryland residents across a span of different areas such as mental health, developmental disabilities, substance abuse problems, and interpretation for deaf and deaf-blind individuals. To find out about services, visit here. Interested in volunteering? Click here today! Do you “Follow” and “Like?” Be sure to stay active on your official pages for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest today!