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Helping a Young Adult with Autism Find Independence

young adult with autism

Autism does not mean your young adult won't be able to be independent.

For most of your child’s life, you have been doing everything for them. From making their meals to getting them where they need to be for their activities, but for most parents this ends when the child enters their late teenage years. But what about parents of people with autism? Autism does not always mean that your child can not find some kind of independence. Let’s take a moment to discuss some things you can do to help your young adult with autism find their independence.

Choosing a Safe and Supportive Living Environment

While many people your child’s age are moving out of their homes and headed off to college or careers, it may be time to start thinking about options for your child. Choosing a safe and supportive living environment for your young adult with autism is extremely important. You and your child should discuss them to live at home for a few more years or perhaps they are ready to move into a new community supported living situation. Wherever they choose to go, their new home must be a nurturing environment but also a place where they are supported and encourages by others.

Finding Meaningful Activities

It is important for every person to feel like they are being useful in their community. Whether it is working a full-time job or volunteering, everyone wants to feel useful. This does not change because a person has autism. There are many different programs offered by Family Service Foundation that can help your child feel useful. From our Day Habilitation services to our Vocational and Employment services, each of these programs will help your young adult contribute to the world around them, gain self-esteem, and help them feel independent. There are many different ways you can help your child feel independent while helping them get the attention and services they need. By partnering with Family Service Foundation, your young adult will be able to learn and grow while in a nurturing environment. For more information on our services, call Family Service Foundation today!

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