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Mental Health: Having a Successful Counseling Experience


  1. Be open with your therapist. In order for the therapist to help you, they must have a clear and accurate understanding of your life and the mental health issues you are dealing with. They won’t be able to have an understanding of your situation if you lie and hold stuff in because of fear of judgement.
  2. Find the therapist that feels right for you. Don’t feel as though you have to settle with the first counselor you find even if they don’t seem like the right match. Each counselor has a different style and approach, so it may take a few until you find one that works best.
  3. Inquire about homework after each session. These exercises can help further the sessions and can increase the likelihood of success. You can also use the homework as starting points for your future sessions.
  4. Consider keeping a journal to help monitor your progress. When it comes to mental health, progress is something you feel and not necessarily see which can become discouraging. A journal allows you to look back on how you were feeling when you started your sessions and shows you how far you have come.
  5. Write a letter before you enter your first session. Write down why you have sought out counseling, what events have led to this point, and what mental health treatments you have tried in the past. This will help you focus once you enter the room and will give your counselor a solid foundation to begin treatment.

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