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The Need for Sign Language Interpreters

The need for sign language interpreters is always growing in today’s society. Not only do the sign language interpreters need to understand sign language, they also need to sign fluently as well. Interpreters are needed in a number of different situations such as schools, appointments, meetings, and overall community interaction. Deaf individuals deserve to have sign language interpreters available to them in order to have normal, functioning lives. Because sign language is not an understood language with the general public, it can be difficult to function in social situations for the hearing impaired. Skilled sign language interpreters are essential in providing a bridge between the deaf and their surrounding community. At Family Service Foundation, Inc. we strive to provide sign language interpreters for our deaf community members. Our staff includes two sign language interpreters that are employed full time to assist the hearing impaired within the community. We understand the importance of this service to these individuals and work with them to provide the best service that allows them a normal interaction with others. FSF was able to begin a service called Family Service Signers after receiving a grant from the PG CSA, which allows us to provide this high demand service throughout the community. To learn more about our sign language interpreter services, click here today.

Family Service Foundation, Inc. has been serving the greater Maryland area since 1942. This nonprofit organization is here to help Maryland residents across a span of different areas such as mental health, developmental disabilities, substance abuse problems, and interpretation for deaf and deaf-blind individuals. To find out about services, visit here. Interested in volunteering? Click here today! Do you “Follow” and “Like?” Be sure to stay active on your official pages for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest today!   Source: http://goo.gl/g2hyVL