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A New Type Of Meditation To Reduce Anxiety


Meditating can do wonders for your anxiety!

Meditation is a wonderful technique that has been an effective tool towards reducing anxiety in those suffering with it. In fact, patients who suffer from anxiety can have immense benefits just by getting quiet, sitting in stillness, and meditating. While the term meditation often has a hippie vibe associated with it, there are plenty of mental health benefits that come with a meditation practice.

Classic Meditation

The most classic meditation is one that involves us sitting down, cross-legged, with your eyes closed. Once you have found your special meditation spot that is away from noise, simply sit, relax and focus your attention on the breath. The key is to take deep breaths and make breathing your focus. This is the only true way to reap the benefits from meditating for those with anxiety. By focusing on the breath you are eliminating the noise that fills your mind daily, especially when you are someone who suffers from anxiety regularly. It may be difficult to just focus on one thing at first, but after trying to meditate regularly, it is likely to become easier and easier. However, if sitting in stillness simply triggers more anxiety, there is another route you can take.

Distracted Meditation

We live in a world where multitasking is revered and having more than one screen open is the norm. And while distracted meditation may sound like an oxymoron to most, it is actually a very helpful practice for anxiety sufferers. Under the right circumstances, anything can be considered a meditation. In fact, staying busy can help those who struggle with anxious thoughts. Distracted meditation simply involves the complete and total immersion of whatever you are doing. For instance, if you are reading a novel, becoming completely enthralled and focus on comprehending every single word as you read, that can be a great tool for people who desire a more focus-centered meditation approach that moves beyond simply focusing on one’s breath.

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