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The Problem With Seeing A Life Coach When You Actually Need A Therapist


Understanding the differences between life coaches and therapists is extremely important for your mental health!

There are a lot of misconceptions around the differences between certified therapists and life coaches. In fact, to the uninformed, it can cause massive problems when they seek counseling services from a life coach but really need the expertise and services of a professional. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the difference among life coaches and therapists and when you need to see them, respectively.

When The Perfect Choice Is Therapy

Therapy is often the best choice for a wide array of issues you may be facing. In fact, if you are struggling with a mental health issue or simply feeling down about your life, a therapist may be able to help. Furthermore, therapists are licensed professional who have undergone rigorous education to be able to provide you with quality services when you need it most. Only by gaining the ability to strengthen your emotions will you be able to get out of whatever may be bringing you down. As a result, therapists are often your best choice to help you out of the hole that you feel like you may be in. A highly trained therapist is there to help you climb out of whatever hole you find yourself in and begin to rebuild your life one step at a time. Furthermore, therapists understand the importance of creating a safe space for their patients to grow so that they can become better equipped to deal with daily stressors without much anxiety. More often than not, the beginning stages of growth come from introspection and are typically extremely subtle. It requires high skill and expertise to understand the nuances of individual growth. Therefore, when you feel like you are stuck in a hole in life, seeking the professional assistance of a therapist is often the correct course of action if you truly want to heal.

The Darker Side Of Life Coaching

While many people may consider life coaching as a reputable way to better themselves, it may be causing more harm than good. In fact, people who are suffering from undiagnosed mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD will never get better if they seek a life coach. Instead, these individuals require the highly trained therapists who understand the symptoms, can diagnose them, and ultimately be better equipped to treat them.

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