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Reality of Rage: More Need Anger Management than You’d Think

Many are shocked, and sometimes offended, when they’re told they should consider anger management. But recent studies show statistics that imply no one should be shocked. A Duke University study earlier this year found that nearly “1 in 10 adults has impulsive anger issues”. The truth is, explosive or impulsive anger is a lot more common than you’d think, and it’s a treatable issue that is nothing to be ashamed of.


Many more need anger management than you may think.

Learning the signs of anger problems and how mental health services can help you is important if you think you may have trouble controlling your anger.

Signs You May Need Anger Management

It’s not always easy to determine. We don’t pump steam out of our ears when we’re furious, as depicted in many cartoons. Occasional angry outbursts also don’t mean you have an anger problem. There are both physical and emotional signs that can let you know if you may need anger management. Here are some of the emotional symptoms of an anger problem:

  • Trends in emotional outbursts (they happen more than once in a while)
  • Constant anger or irritability
  • Feelings of rage or anxiety
  • Wanting to hurt yourself or others
  • Feeling powerful or an adrenaline rush when having an outburst on others

There are also physical symptoms of long-term anger issues as well:

  • Raise in heart rate, blood pressure, or development of palpitations
  • Tingling feeling
  • Feeling pressure around the sinuses or head
  • Exhaustion

Talking to a Professional About Anger

Don’t feel discouraged or embarrassed to talk to a professional about your potential anger problems. Anger management is a great way to improve your quality of life, and your relationships with others. You’re not living a quality life if you’re suffering from anger issues, and there’s no shame in seeking improvement in your quality of life. Be honest with your health professional about how you feel when your anger arises, as it will help them as well as yourself see where you can make improvements. Before you know it, you can become a better you and a better person to those around you.

Dealing with Rage? Get Help.

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