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Self-Help Tips For People Living With Mental Illness

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These self-help tips can help you cope with the challenges of mental illness.

Living with mental illness can provide you with challenges that present themselves throughout your life. Seeking professional help is a good way to deal with mental illness, but during the times when you are not in sessions, you still need some tips to deal with any issues that may arise. Professional help is just one aspect of the care that you will need. These self-help tips will give you the tools to stay grounded during trying times and help you cope.

Be Aware of Your Emotions

Too often people suppress their emotions instead of feeling them completely or just are unable to fully understand them. It’s important to allow yourself some time to feel all of your emotions. Whether you’re feeling angry or elated, there is a lot of valuable information you can learn about yourself if you’re in tune with your emotions. Taking an in-depth look at your emotions can help you understand patterns which can assist you in identifying triggers, and helping you avoid them in the future.

Reframe How You Think

This may seem like a lofty goal, but if you try to do it little by little, you’ll find that it can change your mood dramatically. A lot of our issues are motivated, at least in part, by our perceptions of them. For example, if you make a mistake at work or get a grade you’re not happy with in school, the way you think about it has a lot to do with how the situation will make you feel. If you think that it’s just another sign that you are inadequate, you will feel worse about it. However, if you understand that it was just one misstep that does not define you as a person, then you will likely feel better about the situation. This way of thinking will probably take time for you to fully embrace, but if you do the benefits will be more than worth it.

Ground Yourself

Sometimes we can get so overwhelmed that we lose our sense of where we are. Using your five senses can help you stay grounded in your current environment, and prevent you from losing control. Focus on what you can hear. Maybe it’s the sound of someone typing at a keyboard in your office. Repeat this step for taste, touch, sight, and smell and you will hopefully have successfully kept yourself present. While this activity is helpful when you are experiencing a crisis, it also is a good way to be mindful in other parts of your day as well.

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