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Spread the Cheer and Volunteer this Holiday Season

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How can you spread the joy of the holiday season? By volunteering!

The rapid pace of modern life can make finding the time to volunteer seem impossible. However, volunteering offers numerous benefits for you, your family, and your community. It can reduce stress, help you make friends, engage you in a community, help you learn valuable skills, and even potentially advance your career. Giving to others can help bolster your physical and mental health as well by lessening anxiety and stress. Learn more about the many benefits of helping others and find tips on getting started volunteering below.

The Many Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering allows you to lend a hand where it’s needed most. You help people in need, worthwhile causes, and your community by volunteering.  Volunteering also helps you reduce stress, alleviate depression, keeps you mentally stimulated, and provides a sense of purpose. While volunteering more makes the world a better place and is even effective self care, it doesn’t always require a long term commitment or a lot of time.       

Volunteering and The Happiness Effect

Helping others sparks great happiness, as has been seen in numerous studies. Researchers at the London School of Economics found that the more people get involved in volunteering, the happier they are overall. When compared to those that have never volunteered, monthly volunteers have 7% higher odds of being very happy. These odds raise to 12% amongst those who volunteer every two to four weeks, and weekly volunteers clock in at a whopping 16%.  

Tips For Getting Started

When considering getting started volunteering, it’s best to get involved in something which suits your personality and interests. Asking yourself these questions will help you narrow it down and pick something which you are truly interested in and you will find fulfilling, which can seem tricky at first, as there are an overwhelming number of organizations out there. -Do I want to make my immediate surroundings better?   -Do I want to meet diverse people? -Do I want to try something new? -Do I want to do something enjoyable with my spare time? -Do I want to have the opportunity for brand new experiences? -Do I want to try out something I may potentially want to do full time later? -Do I want to do develop skills I already have?

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