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Three Common Myths About Therapy


The benefits of therapy are limitless. When it comes to your mental health, talking to a professional is absolutely the best route you can take.

When considering therapy, you may have some hesitations. It’s important to know that you’re not alone. There are many feelings and questions people have when it comes to therapy. Therapy is so deeply personal that it’s easy to question yourself and whether or not you truly “need” it. The benefits of therapy are limitless, and it is important to disprove any myths that are in your mind. When it comes to your mental health, talking to a professional is absolutely the best route you can take. Think of your mental health as a journey and therapy your starting point when on the road to mental healing. Here are a few common myths many people share when it comes to therapy.

Therapy is Only for People with Serious Mental Illnesses

Therapy is for everyone. Every person on earth experiences day-to-day stress as well as more serious trauma. One person’s reason for seeking a therapist can differ greatly from another person’s reason. There are many therapists for people with many different mental health needs. If you’re simply looking to talk out-loud to someone and voice some concerns you’ve been having, therapy is absolutely an avenue worth traveling.

Therapy Sessions are a Waste of My Time and Money

It’s easy to fall into this trap of thinking that maybe therapy is expensive and time-consuming, but this simply isn’t the case. With many mental health professionals accepting various kinds of health insurance, therapy is affordable and accessible. No matter where you live, there are many professionals who are willing and eager to talk to you. Like most things in life, therapy is what you make it. Let yourself relax and be honest. Whatever you’ve been wanting to talk about, therapy is the time and place to talk. Allowing yourself to talk freely and be heard is never a waste of time.

Medications Will Fix Everything

Many people come into therapy wanting the quickest fix available. It’s important to let a mental health professional talk you through the steps of therapy and see what’s going on before talking about medication. This is your chance to talk about what makes you feel stressed or anxious. Of course, if you and your therapist agree that medication is the best solution, take their advice. But it’s important to keep up with your therapy sessions and let yourself speak freely. Keeping your mind free and clear is always the best way to cope with stress and anxiety.

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